Monday, May 19, 2014

Updates !

Tate has not had another seizure thankfully.  I am now thinking it was a stroke.  I talked with his breeder and she has had 2 of her older Collies do the same thing, she called them strokes.  She said they eventually become closer together , and last longer.
He is sleeping way way more, and way more soundly.  That of course is to be expected as he is pretty deaf.  This morning I tried to gently wake him to go outside, I tried blowing on his ears, then tickling his ears, then patting his muzzle and head, I finally had to give him a shake to wake him!  I wish I could sleep that soundly !  He still loves to go on his walks, even though he is very slow we still walk up to the Park and back and he enjoys it totally, moving is good for him I think.

It upsets me to see him having difficulty going up and down the stairs, He is better going down then up, it sometimes takes him a few attempts to get going.  I refuse to stop him from going downstairs, he loves to sleep down there , whatever Tate wants.....

He is LOVING his homemade meals,  today he is having egg noodles, peas, and tuna.

I leave on Wednesday for Sherwood Park, my niece is graduating.  I think Tate will be very excited to see my Debra, Aaron, Adrienne and  golden retriever cousins Shane and Sawyer, he hasn't seen them in about 2 years!

Tate and I waiting to go into the ring at the Collie National in March

Kort is slowing down a bit and that makes me so sad.  It seems like yesterday that I brought him home, now he is 6 and all mature.  I can see his Sponylosis is causing him some problems now, he loves to run with Lync, but he can only manage to do that once a week, after that he just kind of gallops a bit but doesn't flat out run.  He is still playing Scenthurdle, but I can see a difference in the way he jumps, both his back feet are together , he has lost some speed as well.   However he enjoys it sooo much so we will continue for a bit, I do feel however that he may need to retire in the near future unfortunately.

He has been eating a Raw diet for a couple of months now and doing extremely well!!! I am so thrilled!  Kort loves Raw food.  If you remember I tried it a couple of years ago with no success, his diarrhea was worse then ever, but this time it is going very well!  His coat is lush and bigger then it's ever been.  He still has a few bouts of soft stools now and then but for the most part they are formed.  Kort will always have a touchy tummy so I just need to watch. 

I am thrilled to death to be invited to do team obedience with Kort !!!! There is no jumping involved so it will be perfect, and Kort will feel like he has something to do now and I will be so happy to back in the ring doing what I love with my Korty ♥  I think our first trial will be in August at Spruce Meadows, so fun!!

Kort at Keho Lake yesterday

Lync is growing up beautifully!  Yesterday he swam for the very first time!  It was awesome and so fun to watch him go out and retrieve bumpers.  At times he would grab the end, or the rope , and "help" Maize bring the bumper back.  It was so cute, and what better way to learn how to retrieve then watching other Flatcoats do the same thing?

Lync will be going to Judy's tomorrow night after supper.  She owns Lync's mom.  She is looking after him for the week while I am in Sherwood Park, on May 26 they  leave for Oregon to go to the American Flatcoat National! Lync is showing in the 9-12 month class in both the Sweepstakes and the Regular classes.  Unfortunately he just turns 9 months on May 24 so he will be at the very bottom of the class.  I am excited he is going and people can see him and see how handsome he is!!! A class placement would be a bonus though :)
After the National Judy is going to visit with her sister for a week, so all in all I won't see Lync for 3 weeks!!! omg!! I will miss him like crazy,  man I love this dog!

Lync at Keho Lake yesterday with his friend Maize

So there you have it, updates from the last little bit, hopefully I will get back into the blogging swing from  now on.


Dianne SS said...

Well I guess if one has a choice, that a stroke is the lesser of the 2 evils. Still not good, and very sad though. Aging sucks. And Korty--yes, the time slips by too quickly and I'm saddened to hear that his movement is being affected more by the spondylosis. But that's good news about team obedience!! You and Kort will have fun!!! And as for Lync, I'm sure you will miss him a whole bunch!! But he's going to have an awesome adventure!!

Squishy said...

Nice update on the boys. I would be sad if I had to leave Kai for 3 weeks right now. He's the apple of my eye! I'm with you on Taters and Kortie. Life marches on and we really can't do much about it except to love and enjoy every day.


Enjoyed reading the updates. Glad you are doing okay and hope you enjoy those long summer days.