Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2nd Seizure

Tate on his 10th Birthday, taken by Wendy Devent
Late in the evening of July 1st, which I guess would be July 2nd, Tate had his second seizure.  I heard him barking downstairs, found him trapped under the table, his chest soaked from drool.  He must have been wandering and bouncing off things before he got trapped as I could see a couple of dropped book shelves and pictures on the floor.  That breaks my heart to know I wasn't there the second he needed me.  I sat on the floor holding him for about a half hour , he was struggling to get away from me, when he is having a seizure he wants to move around,  he doesn't really "know" what he wants, but that is what he does.
I had given him half of a Valium at 1 am , at 1:30 he still wasn't settling so my husband and I carried him up to our back porch.  We put up a gate, I sat on the stairs , gave him another half of a Valium, and just let him circle.  He kept whining continually as well :(
Each time he stopped by me I tried to get his head, massage his ears, see if he was coming out of it, but no, it lasted until 2:30 before he finally laid down, we were both exhausted.  I laid on floor in the porch with him for another hour or so, just to make sure he was sleeping and not going to have another one.

My vet told me to give him a whole Valium right off the bat next time.  This seizure was 2 months between, now we will wait and see when the next one will happen.  They will eventually start coming closer together, I hope they don't start lasting longer .

The strange thing is Tate's breeder emailed me again just a couple of days before this seizure, another littermate of Tate's had passed away, first Crusier, then Haley a week later, so scary for me to hear this 

Tate slept a bit more then usual for a few days after his seizure and he seems somewhat weaker in his hind quarters, other then that his appetite is good, even excessive, he always wants to eat now , that is fine with me, whatever Tate wants , Tate gets these days ♥


Nancy said...

I'm sorry to hear that Tate had another seizure. I also have a dog that suffers from them but they don't last as long. You feel so helpless while they are going through them. I'm sure Tate knows, deep inside that you are there with him. Prayers to all of you.

Nancy and her collie, Molly.

Dianne SS said...

:( A bittersweet time. ((HUGS))

Squishy said...

Sad face.......


You are in our thoughts and prayers. Know this must be tough on you.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Dog Dad