Saturday, September 20, 2014

Happy Birthday !!

Brad and I out at supper tonight ♥
Happy Birthday to me!!

Today I turned 54, it was one of the best Birthdays I've had in a while !  Last year I spent it at the Vets office with Tate, he became very ill and we were all very worried, but here we are a year later and he is still kicking!  
For the first time in a long time Brad wasn't working either, that also made it a better day, less lonely.  Although my wonderful sister Debra drove up here all the way from Sherwood Park last year to surprise me, she arrived at midnight!  She knew I was alone and sad over Tate so she came to cheer me up!

Sibley is here , a Flatcoated Retriever puppy from Lync's breeder, she has been loads of fun and Lync has really enjoyed having another Flatcoat to play with.  She goes home tomorrow and we will miss her.
Brad and I went out for supper tonight,  we celebrated both of our Birthdays.  His was on the 15th but he was working.

My Birthdays do make me sad at times however, remembering past Birthdays, so many friends and relatives that I used to celebrate with have passed away now.  One Birthday in particular was very very sad, my cousin Judy passed away.  She was only 42,  it was horrible, she had a brain aneurism.  I hope she is watching and smiling down on me this year, I miss her so much.

Well the day is over and so is my Birthday , almost :)   Here's to a great year full of health and happiness.

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Squishy said...

You know Judy is watching.....happy birthday!!!