Monday, September 15, 2014

This and That

Kort and Lync on our walk today
I keep starting and stopping writing a new post, frustrating when I get like this.  It's hard to explain, but I am going through a feeling of unrest, unsettled, just not quite right.  I fight it as best I can, by walking, keeping busy with the dogs and stuff like that.

I am almost positive I will not be going back to work, too many things going on with me,  for some reason I feel like I always need to defend myself to people because I am not working, it bothers me.  I shouldn't have to feel that way, why do people think I need to work?  Most days I can barely get out of bed, mornings are so incredibly bad.  It sucks.  It takes me forever to get moving properly.  I am coming up on a year that I have been off work, it has been difficult financially but we are making it work.  I actually get major anxiety even thinking about working.  I am not writing this to justify myself,  just some thoughts that were going through my head.

I had Kort's thyroid checked last week and it came back as normal which was great.  So now comes the hard part of trying to get weight off of him, he weighs 78 pounds, last year at this time he was about 55 pounds.  He must get this weight off, I can see he is uncomfortable and he can't jump properly in Scenthurdle.  That is his only activity right now and I want him to continue to be able to jump, but he won't be unless he looses weight.  He has spondylosis which is another reason why I must get the weight off of him.  I am going to try to continue feeding him raw, just less portions.  My vet say not to ever drop below 8 oz of food at each meal, if you do it starts doing weird things to the body.
I have increased his exercise from what we were doing, I am now including Coulee walks everyday, there are lots of hills to climb so that is good exercise for both of us! And it helps me mentally too.

Tate is doing amazing!  He is in wonderful shape, has a nice weight.  He is still climbing up and down the stairs by himself, at times he is a bit unsteady but he won't let me help him so I just let him figure it out.  He hasn't had a seizure since July 18th whoo hoo!  I didn't think he would make it through the summer, now I am thinking he will even see his 13th Birthday which is in April.  I take him on our walk at night and he loves it, he trucks along pretty quickly on the first part but does slow down on the last part, it is only about a half hour walk so as to not overdo it.  Kort and Lync have already had a longer walk during the day so I don't worry about them having to slow down for Tate.

Lync is awesome, just so much fun!  Tonight I am bringing him to Scenthurdle practice in Kort's place.  I think he will enjoy this sport and I think he will do great at it too!

That's about all that's been happening around here, hopefully I will post again sooner rather then later :)


Squishy said...

Wouldn't it be nice to never have to explain why we do things???? I have to do less of it now because I am free of the controller. I can't believe Kortie is that heavy, but I bet the walking helps quick with the weight loss. I have heavier dogs, even on raw, but my biggest problem is they don't get the exercise, so it wouldn't matter if I was feeding kibble or raw. They don't get the exercise in the summer, like the winter. So good luck with that. And, I bet Lync will love the Scenthurdle. He is so pretty!! Please post more camo!!

Dianne SS said...

I am so happy that Tate is doing well--♥♥. Not knowing exactly what blood panel test was done with Kort's thyroid, I can't say if the whole panel was done. What I hear is that most vets and labs only do a partial test and often the results come back negative. But if a full panel is done, the results are often different and show that the dog does have hypothyroidism. It still might be worthwhile to send a blood sample to Dr. Dodds.

Interesting comment your vet had about what happens if a dog gets less than 8 ounces of food at a meal (and I'm assuming she was talking about a dog Kort's size and not a dachshund!!) Canines in the wild eat via a gorge and fast style. They make a kill, and eat until stuffed and then don't eat much in the days following. Of course if a coyote's main diet is mice, he's going to have to get a lot of them and be at hunting them all day!! They'd rather get a rabbit and have mice for snacks!! LOL!

Lync will really enjoy scent hurdle!!