Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Mom and her favourite dog Buddy
Do you believe in signs ? Signs from loved ones , or are they just weird coincidences?  I believe, I have experienced a couple since my mom died, one just last night. 

I was looking up my previous collies weights at the 5 month age to see how Ash compared.  I was stunned when I saw that Buddy passed away, May 31 1997, 18 years ago when he was 18.....
My mom passed away the exact same day.  Buddy was her favourite dog ever, how she loved him.

When at Debra's last week I was telling her of a card we had bought my Grandma when she was sick in the hospital, that played music, that I received when my Grandma died,  I couldn't remember the song that played on it however.  I was telling her how one night when I lived in Thunder Bay the music started playing in it's own.....in the other room!  Brad and I were in bed and it really freaked me out . 

I was looking for a card to give my sister before I left her house, I found the perfect one, why was it perfect?,  on it were the first few words of the song that played on the card I have from my Grandmother. 

I'm sure there are signs all around us, we just have to be open to seeing them, and to be open that perhaps our loved ones in heaven are trying to let us know they are ok :)


Dianne SS said...

Oh yes I totally believe that our loved ones, included beloved pets send us signs all the time. That's just amazing about Buddy and your Mom. They are together now, that's for sure. And the card--wow, just wow.

onecollie said...

I know! message from Grandma telling me the name of the song :)

Sylvia said...

I lost my Dad back in 1977. I get visitations from him often. Once my sister and I had a visit from Dad on the same night! Different dreams but both had Dad in them. I've even had visits from dogs that has passed. Sometimes my in my current group of dogs one of them will do a behavior that was special to a deceased dog. I haven't gotten any messages from the chickens.


Of course I believe in signs.