Friday, December 9, 2016


Dawson met Santa last week, while he slept through it all it was still a great picture to treasure.  What a wonderful Christmas it will be for my niece Sherri having her first child to help her celebrate!

We are having another quiet Christmas, just Brad and I, makes me wish we had children but that was not in the cards for us.  I am however looking forward to my Christmas holidays, I work until the 23, then am off and don't work again until the 29th and 30th, then off again until January 3rd, so a nice little break.  Brad is off for Christmas but not New Years, that's ok, I would rather he be home at Christmas anyway.

Yesterday I picked up a little tree, I will decorate it after work tonight.  tomorrow is craft day out at Liz's, this is something we do every year and it is so much fun.  A bunch of us get together to make something for the house, this year will be wooden candle holders, can't wait.

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