Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

Out tiny tree this year
Christmas is over for another year.  I had a lovely day with Brad, this year he didn't have to work which was so awesome!  We had our chicken and stuffing on Christmas Eve then had yummy sandwiches on Christmas Day while we spent our time watching movies together.  It was so cold we didn't go out anywhere so the dogs are going a bit crazy.  I could take them but their feet freeze up so fast.  Today is Boxing Day and it's supposed to warm up later at which time I will go out with the dogs.  They will enjoy that . 
I am off now until Dec 29 & 30th, then off again until January 3, 2017 is fast approaching! Brad has to work on New Years Eve, the price of having Christmas off.  That's ok, I will ring in the New Year with the dogs for company.
Hope all of your holidays have been Merry and Bright so far :)


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