Sunday, April 1, 2018

Rally Workshop

Yesterday Lync and I attended an all day Rally Workshop.  It was put on by Judy Snowdon who is a Rally Competitor as well as a Rally Judge.
We focused on the new Excellent signs as well as the new Masters Class. Talk about mind boggling!! The new Masters Class is something I won't do.  I would like to get Lync's Excellent title but I am not wanting to go past that.  The thing I don't like is it is now becoming way too strict, much more like formal Obedience.  I love Obedience, but not in the Rally ring.  I feel that is a place where you can relax, talk to your dog if you want and encourage him.  Now you have to heel with your hand up at your waist, no patting of the leg or excessive encouragement. I do not agree with those that are constantly luring their dogs and begging them to work don't get me wrong, but the way it is set up now is just not fun.  Rally is loosing the fun aspect that I enjoyed with my dogs.  I am now rethinking if I want to enter Advanced in a couple of weeks.  Its got me all nervous and unsure if we are even ready to do it.  I know these signs were above what Lync is ready for but is he even ready for Advanced?? We have been practicing the new Advanced signs with success, at home. That's the key word, home. Is he ready for the ring? I'm not sure anymore.  I have a small window of time to decide so we will see.

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Fay said...

Wow; I'd planned to do rally here in the states with my little cardi corgi, once she got her CD, because I don't think she is really cut out for upper level work....but these changes sound, as you put it, not fun. I'll have to check the AKC changes. Meanwhile, I know what you mean about training a home, vs the ring, and having to make tough choices in a short amount of time (tough because it's no fun to enter the ring unprepared). Glad to see you posting again! Happy Spring! Fay and the cardis 3 (including Wicca's half bro Tali) and the new (Canadian!) SPoo.