Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stop Already !!

Rainfall Warning

Issued at 4:07 AM MDT Thursday 17 June 2010

Upwards of 100 millimetres of rain is expected by Friday.


A deepening low pressure centre currently over Northeastern Montana has generated an area of rain across Southern Alberta. As the system will be slow to move through Southern Saskatchewan today and into Manitoba on Friday rain will continue into Friday before becoming intermittent Friday afternoon. Rainfall amounts of 50 to 70 millimetres have already been reported in a few locations of the Crowsnest and Lethbridge regions. Total amounts of near 100 millimetres are expected to be widespread across the warning regions.

If this continues I'm going to need one of these!......


Dianne SS said...

I saw the warning on the Weather Channel early this morning and I thought-YIKES--100mm? This is one of those times when one hopes that the forecast is wrong! We need heat now, not rain!

Visichy said...

Well, with 2 collies you're on your way to filling the ark LOL!!! On the bright side, the coulees are beautiful and green :)

Squishy said...

Oh I felt like that until just about 2 weeks ago. It has to stop. We haven't even had real heat here yet. If we don't, Tevis will be brutal for all the horses & riders having not trained in it as it's typically very hot.
I don't know what the equivalent of 100mm is in inches? You need a nice rough bitch to go on your ark ~ for Taters!!!!!

onecollie said...

LOL Diana...Cardiff!!??

Squishy said...

OMG!! Would that be so????????? Or what about Soleil?????? You could get 4 different colors!!!!