Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Chance

What a fun night!
It was our final rally class before the trial at Spruce Meadows this weekend. Amanda set up 2 courses for us, one was a Novice course & one was an Advanced course. I also brought Tate to have some fun.
Kim came to judge & marked us just like we were in a trial, score sheets & all :)
Let's start with Kort.
He did awesome! He did not bark at me, which he likes to do when I have no treats & he thinks he should be getting rewards.
He NQ'd in the Novice run due to handler error!!!... geez, "I" missed a sign... duh! In the Advanced run, off leash I might add, he took 1st place with a 97!, What a good boy! He had a bit of a hard time leaving the dish with the toys in it but he did. I am confident about this weekend with him & will have fun no matter what. We have worked hard, & it is starting to show. I am VERY proud of Kort!
Now for the Tater dog!
Tate loves to come out & do things, he is so funny, he prances around the ring. In Novice Tate took 1st in the class with a 98! Whoo Hoo! In the Advanced run he scored an 88, due to handler error again!!!!! I messed up a station & lost us 10 bad!
I hope I get my head together before this weekend & don't do anything else stupid :))


Dianne SS said...

Are you taking Tate too? He's sooo good! And Kort's doing great too! I won't be coming down--both my neighbors are away as it turns out, not just the one, so Duffy and I have to stand guard in this neighborhood! Have a safe trip and good luck to you and the dog(gies)!!!

onecollie said...

Tate will be staying with Brad, but I still like to take him out & work him, he thinks he's pretty smart & he gets yummy treats! :)
Sorry you can't come down, next time !

Sharrie said...

I just love reading about your dogs and seeing the wonderful pictures of them. Thanks for sharing all of your accomplishments.

Squishy said...

Can't wait to see how you do!