Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Success !

Today the Windy City rescue held a fundraiser at Henderson Lake Park.
It was a great time with lots of demonstrations, dogs & people. I took part in the agility demonstration with Tate & Kort. Kort was in the team relay along with all the other novice dogs, Jack the Brittany Spaniel, Taylor the BeardieX, Nitro the Am. Staff, & Sniper the border collie. We managed to win one of the heats too!, all the other team had experienced dogs, except for one, that have already been to trials, & some of the dogs have numerous titles. Our team was very proud of our dogs! They stayed focused mostly & took the correct obstacles, mostly :)) This was such a great experience for Kort, to be out in a crowd with tons of dogs & people sitting ringside. There was lots of cheering & commotion & he paid attention!, yeah for Korty !!!!!
Then we had a weave pole relay, Tate got to play in this....our team went up against 4 kids, & one adult that was happy to play with the kids!, great job Jennilee!
For those who are wondering, Perkins also came out, he didn't play in agility but he had lots of walks around with me & was a crowd favourite, there were lots of people from the daycare out & they all would say , "oh, is this Perkins!!", he's quite popular you know ;))
I don't have any pictures from today, not sure if my boys got in any as we were on the far side from the photographer , phooey!, but just pretend these 2 pictures are from today!......


WigglyZack said...

Kort & Tate did great. It was a fun day for all. Good to see Perkins!!!

Kim said...

Kort was such a good boy today - he did great!
Tate was wonderful too - I love seeing him out there enjoying agility.

(Hey, are you saying the team relay was fixed !?!?!?)

manymuddypaws said...

Kort did awesome Jo!

and i totally didn't mean for that to happen with the teams!

onecollie said...

oh no guys!!!, I was just noticing that our team was all novices , we were all very excited to have beat you!! hee hee!!

Dianne SS said...

Excellent that your team won a heat and everyone had a great time!Go Kort and Tate! Perkins needs to have his own fan club and FB page!

Squishy said...

Good boys!! I agree with Dianne on Perkins, though I won't be able to go to FB....A fan club would work!!