Sunday, October 21, 2012

Baby Steps :)

I took Kort to another Open Match yesterday.  He started off with wonderful heeling, I was so pleased , I have never had a dog that has heeled as well as Kort :)
He did a great drop on recall, a perfect retrieve on flat & over the high jump , whoo hoo!!!
We are still having some issues with transitioning between exercises.  At this particular building I think there were alot of smells on the ground.  There were 2 occasions where I had to just stop, give him a hug, & carry on.  He is getting better, but we still need to fix this stress between exercises.  I am calling it stress, I "think" it's stress.  At any rate,  he needs to work through it & to trust his momma :)
He loves the exercises, runs out with great joy to retrieve & jump, & he comes running full barrel on the recall, so I know he doesn't hate what he is doing.

Yesterday he walked through his broad jump for the first time in forever!  I listened to the "judge" & took him back to repeat the exercise, in hindsight I wish I had gone back & ran with him over the broad jump before asking him to try again.  His 2nd attempt he did the same thing, walked thought it, drat :(  Then I ran with him & called it done .

The out of sight stays will be the death of us, this weekend he made it half way before laying down on his long sit.  I had told the judge if he laid down to go ask him to sit.  I am hoping this will make Kort think that even in a trial, he will be made to sit up if he lays down, so he might as well do it!  He stayed put on his down stay this weekend though, yippee!!

This morning after our walk I set up my broad jump outside & he aced it twice so that was good.  At least I am confident he knows the exercise.

I am very proud of my Korty ♥ he is going to be sooooo awesome once he puts it all together :)


Blazingstar said...

Why don't you simply try heeling him between exercises? You can chat away to him while you do this and tell him he's a good boy, etc. He likes "catch up heeling", so release him after an exercise and then call him into heel and heel with him to start of the next exercise. Some dogs need "revving up" between exercises and others do better if you keep them calm and focused. Just a thought!

onecollie said...

thanks Liz!
I did try that yesterday but he kept putting his nose to the ground, not sure if it was avoidance or bad sniffy boy :)

Paws on the Run said...

Just based on what you said (and not seeing him obviously) I was thinking something similar to Liz in that he doesn't know what is expected of him in between exercises so he gets nervous not knowing if he is doing something right. If you ask him to do something he'll still have a job to do in the mean time.

Dianne SS said...

You'll get there!!! Baby steps are good!!

manymuddypaws said...

yay for Kort!!

I think with every positive experience in a ring his confidence will grow.