Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cowley Success!

Kort was such a good boy at Cowley today!
His heeling was awesome, although he is crowding me on the inside of his figure 8's, and when I bump into him the barking starts :)  We will work on that.
He did his drop on recall & retrieve over the high jump perfectly.  His retrieve on flat was awesome but he stopped half way to chew on his dumbbell so I gave him a second command. 
I was very proud of him on his broad jump!! We have had alot of issues in this building, he doesn't like the back wall where the broad jump is, there is also an open door you can see back in that corner that he doesn't like, he gives it alot of sideways glances.  The floor has heat vents on them along the sides of the walls, about every 6ft, & he is scared of those too :) However!!!.... he worked through his fears & was a good boy! 
You can see him start to do some avoidance with me when we go to set up for the retrieve on flat, I call him, comfort him & he is great.  He really loves Open & is exited to do the exercises, we just need to work on transitioning between them better.
Amanda suggested NOT asking him to "get in".  This is where I ask him to come in to my left side to set up, he does much better if we just heel to our place with a right about turn.
The best news, he sat for his 3 minute out of sight sit!!!!!!! Oh my gosh I was happy!  He did however get up on his long down to come look for me with only 7 seconds remaining in time lol!! He figured he had been a good boy for long enough:)

We also ran through a Rally Excellent routine & he was very good!!  We need to work on those left abouts though in Rally as he is crowding me there too, then of course the barking starts again :)

Here's our video, you can also see that Rally was going on at the same time as Obedience, no division in the ring with a fence, great distraction work & he handled it like a pro with his attention always on me ♥



What a pawsome boy. I don't think either Essex or Sherman would wait that long.

Dog Dad

K-Koira said...

Looks really good to me. He is very handsome, of course, no matter what he is doing.

Squishy said...

Kort is sooo cute and happy! Love that! You've done a great job with him and he was very cute when he kept knocking down those stupid Rally signs!! Haha!!

Dianne SS said...

I laughed too when he knocked down the Rally signs!! He's doing very well and Amanda's advice sounds like a good idea. Maybe there is something about the sound of that command that he doesn't like--maybe is sounds more harsh or something? I was wondering about having Rally and Obedience in the same ring like that.

Diana said...

Thats awesome!