Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Month Later

Yesterday I had another scan done on my spine to see the progress of my twice weekly visits to Dr Helen, my chiropractor.  It was very interesting to see!

The pictures at the top of the page are of my spine back at the end of April.
The bottom pictures were from yesterday.   To refresh your memory, the colours are as follows, green is mild, blue is moderate, red is severe & black is off the charts bad.

You can see how much of an improvement I have had!  The bars should eventually form the shape of a light bulb around my spine, so the top of the spine is narrow then gradually rounding out evenly toward the bottom of my spine, I have a ways to go!

The pictures to the right, both top & bottom, show just how off my spine is.
It is actually the muscles that are off, if there is subluxation in the spine then the muscles compensate for it by stretching one way or another.  My spine still is very bad.

I have also been doing the Wheat Belly  idea of eating which is going very well.  I have had some real moments of struggle, but as each day goes by it gets easier.  I didn't want to do the chiropractic stuff without improving my health by eating better as well, they both go hand in hand. I want my body to be able to function normally, & to be able to heal itself, without the use of drugs that just cover up the problems.

Dr Helen wanted me to weigh myself yesterday. She noticed that I had lost weight last week during one of my adjustments.  I had not told her I was following the Wheat Belly so I was surprised when she mentioned weight loss.  I asked her how she knew , she said by the feel of my body, cool huh!
Anyway because I hate knowing my weight I was hesitant, but she said it would be good to keep track once a month, so I  agreed.  I had weighed myself once at home awhile back & was horrified.  You can imagine my shock when the scale at Dr Helen's had me 8 pounds heavier then I was a home!  I almost cried, it bothered me all day.  I was disgusted in myself, really really disgusted.  I felt like it was going to take forever for me loose all this weight.  I was thinking about how hard I have been trying, & how difficult it has been, & to see my weight even higher just about killed me :(
It took me all day to talk myself out of beating myself up.  I realized that I was already one month into making changes, & who knows what I weighed a month ago,  I could have lost 20 pounds for all I know.

Anyway I just wanted to share my struggle with you, maybe I can help someone else who is struggling as well.  It just takes that one thing to get you started.  I didn't know that going to a Fibromyalgia workshop would make me interested in seeing a chiropractor but it did.  Then going on a day trip to a dog show with Liz was the other moment that changed everything, when Liz mentioned the Wheat Belly book , something in me thought, I can do that, or at least give it a try.

So there you have it, one month later....I'll continue to do an update once a month, I think it will be fun to see how much has changed


Squishy said...

Very cool Jolene!! Email me the info on the book. I saw my holistic chiropractor last week for some severe ovary pain that wasn't going away after 2 weeks. One treatment with him and some supplements and the next day it was gone. Better than drugs. I see him for a follow-up today. Love him!

Dianne SS said...

You may have a way to go yet with your back, but it's made a great improvement in just one month. That's pretty impressive!! And weight is just a number!! What counts is how you feel, if your clothes are getting loose, and the feel of your body. I could send you some of my over production of thyroid hormone though--one can lose weight with ease with hyperthyroidism. But the breathlessness and racing heart are not so great!!

You're doing great Jolene!! You're an inspiration!!

onecollie said...

awww thanks Dianne xoxo


Keep trying. Dog Dad knows the feeling and the battle to loose weight. It seems like one problem causes another.

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