Sunday, June 9, 2013

One More Night

Parker has been here for 3 nights now.  I can't believe what a good puppy she is, hats off to Tammy, she has done a wonderful job.

Parker hasn't messed in the house , not even once.  She plays quietly on her own if Kort isn't interested. Right now she is having a nap on the couch while I mess around on the computer.  She sleeps in her crate at night without a peep, not even if the dogs get up & wander around.

Yesterday I joined Perkins & his dad for a walk at a local park.  She didn't pester Perkins at all even though she had never met him, we all just carried on walking like she had been doing it forever.  We saw kids,  other dogs,  skate boarders, roller bladers & even a big water truck drove by right beside us, nothing fazed her.

I seriously love her, like want to keep her love her!  It is fun to watch Kort running around in the yard playing with her, Tate wouldn't play with Kort when he was a puppy, poor guy.  I can now see that Kort is going to be an awesome big brother to my puppy.  He is gentle, never jumps on her, I was worried about that as Kort was rolled as a puppy himself & sprained his shoulder.
The only yucky thing is getting my puppy in the winter, right now after breakfast we go outside, I set up the pool & the dogs just enjoy being out there.  I hope our snow comes late, & the real cold stays away for awhile so I can spend more time outside.  There will be lots to do inside as well, but it is always nicer when it warm :)

Anyway, tonight is Parker's last night here, her mom picks her up tomorrow, I am really going to miss her alot, I might even cry when she leaves :)


Squishy said...

She is adorable! You can see by the photos she is just so mature!

Dianne SS said...

Headline: "Lethbridge woman arrested for puppy napping"!!!I'll help with the bailmoney!!! Parker is a sweetie and so well-behaved!! Maybe because she's a girl?? LOL!!! Yeah, winter puppies--I really recommend that no one who lives in our climate does that. You might get away with it being not so bad down there--your snows often melt, and it can be a little warmer. But up here, when winter arrives, it's here for the duration--until April!! There's just no easy way of taking a puppy out all the time--unless I wanted to have frozen pee by the back steps, that we could all slip and fall on!! I would never get a puppy in winter again.

onecollie said...

so funny Dianne!!!
your winters suck for sure!! I think it will be ok here & I keep thinking about how nice the black or liver puppy will look in the snow when I take pictures :)

Dianne SS said...

LOL!! Well that's a good rationalization for a winter puppy!! Lanny did look nice against the snow!!


Pawtastic. Parker looks pawsome.