Thursday, June 6, 2013

Test Run

I have the pleasure of caring for a Flatcoated Retriever puppy for the next 4 days!! Her name is Parker , she is 4 months old & from Fly Away Kennels in California.  Her mom Tammy is attending the AAC Agility Regionals in Edmonton this weekend.

So far it is going amazingly well, Parker is a nice well adjusted & well behaved young girl.  She doesn't pester Tate or Kort if they are relaxing, but goes about playing on her own.  She is quiet & loves to give kisses when I just have to squish her :)  She is just super fun!! I am totally in love with her! ♥

This is Parker hoping for a piece of cheese, of course I gave her some, wouldn't you!!


Squishy said...

Maybe she can stay indefinitely???????? She's adorable!!! I LOVE my bitches and she is cute cute cute!!!!!

onecollie said...

I have a feeling Tammy will put up a fight :)


We know our Dad would give Parker cheese. We are working on him giving us some right now.

Essex & Sherman

Dianne SS said...

She is adorable!! SO nice that she doesn't bug Kort and Tate. Lanny pesters Duffy all the time!!