Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another Rant :)

So the downstairs bathroom renovations have resumed, if it was up to me I would have fired this guys ass long ago, but unfortunately I only rent, so it is my landlady's decision, ugh.

I don't like this guy AT ALL !!, he is very arrogant and I think he feels women should be seen and not heard, I am pretty intuitive and I think I'm right.  Well, too bad for him as I am defiantly not the be seen and not heard type lol

Just a few things, they never clean up when they leave, there is dust and wood chips all over the downstairs, all over the floor, the stairs and the front entry. It takes me a half hour at least to clean it up when they leave, and I have to clean it as Tate sleeps down there, I don't want him walking through this stuff or breathing it in.

Then there is the gate, they continually leave it open, once when they did I wasn't home and Brad let Lync out, not even thinking about the gate as it is always closed, it wasn't!  They had left for the day and just left it wide open.  I don't know how long Lync was out roaming around in the front of the house, Brad said he came as soon as he called, thank god we never just let the dogs out and then leave them, we always check with in about 5 minutes.  It still upsets me to think of what could of happened.

Yesterday I was in the back yard with all the dogs, we have Perkins here as well, he comes out , leaves the gate wide open and walks down the driveway, so I called out to him, "you need to close the gate" ...with his back to me he yells, "I know!!! " in this angry tone!  Well!  I say "if you know then close it!"  The stare he gave me! it was like he was wishing me dead, seriously! I stared him down of course, I am no whimp, but again, the feeling of him thinking, "shut up woman or I'll choke you" was very obvious!

He, and his wife, are continually asking to use our bathroom, I didn't even think of that but I don't like it , yesterday when he asked I was moving the dogs into the livingroom so he could pass, Tate was last to move and was kind of standing there, he actually pushed his head and said "go on" !! Oh boy, I'm going to smack this guy!  I looked at him & said, he is hard of hearing and old, give him a second! ahhhhh!!

The entire thing is just yucky, and so much worse for me as I don't sleep, and I need to get up very early as I have to get all the dogs fed, and outside, and back in, and contained, before he arrives.  It's fine with Kort and Lync, but Tate, like me, needs time to get moving in the morning, it's just all so inconvenient.

I know it will come to an end , but it really needs to happen soon, I feel like I can't do what I want in my own house right now, I can't even get downstairs to do laundry, rather I need to find the time to do it at night.
I know , I'm a complainer! but it really is a pain in the ass for a bathroom I'll never even use!!!!


Dianne SS said...

What a thoroughly loathsome and disrespectful jerk!! He really needs to be reported to the Better Business Bureau. He should, as a matter of course, be cleaning up at the end of everyday, and closing the gate. I'd be laying him into too--especially when it would come to the safety of my dogs and respect for an older dog. I hope your landlady is learning something from this...she should reduce your rent as compensation for all the inconvenience and hassle.

onecollie said...

I am so glad you agree with me Dianne! I was wondering if I was just been a bitch about everything ....
I am going to wait until the job is done and then write down all my complaints and decide what to do with them.
by the way, lately when you post on my blog it shows up as Squishy has left you a comment lol! weird huh

margaret minetti said...

id be beyond pissed and my landlady would hear an earfull! i have 12 dogs so leaving the gate open is scary, one is a not so people friendly german shepard, so double scary. if that guy had touched my dog old or young he would be escorted off the property, thats a big no no. the sign on our gate should say forget the dog beware of owner. as for your sleep issues have you thought about hormone therapy or herbal hormone therapy? i had symptoms of mynapause by the time i was 45. depression also affects sleep and you have had alot to be depressed about over the last couple years.

Dianne SS said...

That's bizarre Jolene!! Don't know how that's happening!!