Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Tate !!!

The Birthday Boy, taken by Amanda Labadie

Today Tate is 12 years old.

I never thought I would have him this long, he was so sick last September.  He came back from that episode and became even better then ever. He has since been to the Canadian National Collie Specialty and won Best Rough Veteran.  He is full of spark and is enjoying every second of his life, and I am enjoying every second of his life with him.  I don't want it to end, ever.  The love I have for him is very deep, everyone loves their dogs , I know, but Tate helped me at a time in my life when my depression was rearing it's ugly head.  I had lost Drake a year before, Brad told me I was depressed, that I needed a dog, I thought he was crazy, I didn't want to put my heart out there ever again, but I wrote my breeder.  She had bred Tate's mom and the puppies were due in just one week, how was that for timing?  I told her I might ber interested in a sable male if she had one.

Fast forward a week, Tate's breeder called and left a message on my answering machine, the litter was born, 5 puppies, 3 sable girls, 2 tri boys.  I listened to the message and started to cry.  I did not want a tri colour, I  disliked the colour, what surprised me is I hadn't realized that I even wanted another dog until I thought I wasn't getting one.

Brad came home and through my tears I told him we weren't getting a puppy, that the boys were tri coloured.  He said "so, why can't we get a tri colour?? you can always have a brown one later"  Ha ha, so that is how Tate came to be, thank you Brad.

I have always said Tate is perfect, he has never ever done anything wrong, his temperament is absolutely perfect, he is gentle with children, loves all people, loves all animals, he is amazing, I am crying just thinking about how wonderful he is and how much joy he has brought, and is still bringing, into my life

I love you Tater dog, and I hope to love you for many more years , Happy Birthday Old Friend ♥


Squishy said...

I can't believe you didn't want another dog after Drake died. Omg......I think the only time I was w/o a dog was about 3 weeks and it was brutal. But I also thought I wouldn't love this second dog (Kiita) as much as Mischa and she wouldn't sleep on the bed. That lasted about 3 nights. I also didn't want a that's all I want haha!! You will love Tate long after he's on the other side. No worries there! He's beautiful and looks in GREAT shape!!

onecollie said...

I was so heartbroken after Drake died, maybe because it was so unexpected and so fast.
Once I had puppy Tate in my arms I started sobbing, I knew my life was complete and I knew then I would never be without a dog again, that is why I always have 2 now, so when one crosses over , one will still be with me ♥

Dianne SS said...

Tate was definitely meant to be yours!! Good for Brad to give you a push in the right direction!! Enjoying everyday and every moment is the best way to be!! You have the most wonderful set of pictures ever, to commemorate Tate's 12th birthday--Amanda rocks!!! XOXOXO to Tate


Happy belated barkday Tate.

Dad told me the only thing worse than loosing a dog, is not having one in his life.