Monday, June 23, 2014


Lync happily retrieves his bumper, photo by Andy Hurley

I have begun training Lync to retriever his bumper.  It is fun to learn a new sport and I am enjoying it so far.  I would love to attempt his WC this August at the Canadian National held in Kamloops.
I need to get serious about having him bring the bumper back to me, or at least in the vicinity of me! He happily runs out to retrieve it but thinks it is a great prize and doesn't want it taken away. 

I have started "hold" at home, he is doing pretty well with that after just a few lessons.
He has retrieved bumpers with feathers on them and thinks they are great!  He has yet to retrieve an actual bird, hopefully we will be doing that this week.

I also need to decide which dog shows we will attend this summer.  There will be a Flatcoat booster in August at Spruce Meadows so that one is a given.  It is 4 days of showing so I am not sure whether to enter all 4 days, I am leaning toward doing that though, crazy not to enter when there is competition available for points :)   This will be the first time for me to show Lync myself, I am very excited !  Lync will be 10 months old tomorrow, time is going way too fast!  I may have to "borrow" one of Liz's 10 week old puppies for a bit :)

There will be Scenthurdle on the Saturday at Spruce Meadows as well so Kort will be able to do that.  I am not sure what to do with Tate, he loves to be home now, he is very unsettled when he is not, but I can't leave him home as Brad works 12 hour shifts and with his commute he is gone from home for 14 hours each day.  We are able to stay at a friends place, well in their heated garage, which is fine with me! Hopefully Tate won't mind it, and the dog show is outside so he can lay in his x pen at the show.
Speaking of Tate his appetite has been off the past week, that worries me, he has always been a good eater , I increased his metacam a bit today to see if that helps,  poor guy, getting old sucks .

That is pretty much all the is happening in my end of the world, my van has been at the body work place for 6 days now, I hope I get the call soon that he is finished.  I really hate driving Brad's car.

Kort, Lync and Tate enjoying the perfect summer weather , how lucky am I to have 3 wonderful dogs that I absolutely adore!!

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Dianne SS said...

Spruce Meadows will be fun and I hope Tate will do okay on that trip--it's not as far as Sherwood Park so that should help. Fun stuff with Lync--a whole new area of learning and training for both of you! Hope you get your van back before July 1!!