Saturday, November 22, 2014

Catching Up

Lync and his tongue lol, taken by Wendy Devent
Going to do a quick catch up post from the Lethbridge Dog show.

I showed Lync all 3 days in the 12-18 month class, as well as the All Breed Sweepstakes.  I love the 12-18 month class!  When I was showing Drake and Tate they didn't have it, when the dog turned one year old you were in Open, so unfair!  Sometimes you were competing again 3 and 4 year olds.  At the Lethbridge show there were 2 dogs in the Open class , one was 4 years old and the other about 2.5, big difference in body, coat and maturity.

On Day 1 Lync won Winners Male over the 1 Open dog giving him 1 point.
Day 2 he won Reserve Male over 1 Open Dog, ( the same one that beat him at Spruce Meadows in August took Winners ) and 1 Junior Puppy, giving him 2 points, he also competed in the Sweepstakes and in a class of 4 he took 2nd.  The Cocker  Spaniel that beat him went on to win Best In Sweepstakes.  There was a Xolo in his class that had been winning Group placements both days, and he took 4th in the class, so I was very thrilled with Lync's 2nd place, plus we won $10.00 !
On Day 3 the dog that took Winners the day before finished his Championship so they nicely moved up to Specials, Lync won Winners Male again over the Open Dog and the Junior Puppy giving him 2 points, had he gone Best of Winners he would have finished his Championship, but that wasn't in the cards.  No worries, now I get to show him again :)
My plan is to let him grow up for a couple of years before specialing him, work on his obedience and field stuff.
There is a show in Calgary I might enter, it is at the end of January so we will see, not to sure I want to drive in the winter anymore.

Also on Saturday at the show I competed in the team obedience event with Kort, so fun!! We hadn't practiced at all so we were just winging it, the audience loved it, the judges loved it and we all loved it, including Kort! he was so happy in the ring, I will do this again for sure!
We did Scenthurdle that night as well,  I am not going to talk too much about it, other then to say Kort told me it was now time for him to retire.

The weekend was full of emotion for me, Tate was gone, last year he was there with me, Kort had to retire.  Life is hard sometimes, but the good balances it out.  A year ago I didn't have Lync, I love him to death and am so grateful to have him in my life.


Squishy said...

Congratulations on Lync's wins!! And so sorry about Kort and Tate not being there but you said it well. Life balances out. I think the COOLEST thing about Lync is you can wear CAMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting, waiting, waiting for more pictures of that!!

Dianne SS said...

You and Lync did so well!! Just 1 more point!! I already posted on the No Nonscents about how sad I was for you and Korty. And of course, I knew this would be a really difficult dog show, not having Taters there :( I keep thinking about him at Camrose--happy and sad feelings.

onecollie said...

I cry myself to sleep every night, something twigs a memory or I hear him, see him :(
Dianne I saw your post on No Nonscents, I actually responded
thank you both, your support means the world to me xoxo


That is pawtastic news. It is pawsome news that you did so well.