Thursday, November 20, 2014

One Year

It's one year today that my van slid on black ice and I crashed into the cement barrier on the road. You know the rest of the story. 
I am grateful for many things today, happy to be here, for my dogs sake and Brad's.  I don't think Brad would have survived if I had died, I don't know what would have happened to my dogs, especially Tate.  I am glad I am here, that I was here to help Tate cross over to the Bridge, that I am here for Kort who loves his momma so much,  and that I now have Lync in my life, he keeps me going when I have bad days, he makes me laugh.
I am glad I am here for my eldest niece's Wedding Day which is coming up fast, December 31st 2014.  I am grateful to be here for my sister Joanne who's Cancer journey is worsening,  she will need us all , sooner then later I'm afraid, and for my mom, who is beyond scared and so very sad. I will be here for it all, good and bad.
Today I celebrate life and am grateful for it.

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