Sunday, February 14, 2016

Going Home !!

I finally was able make arrangements and book a flight back to Thunder Bay! 
I am going for one reason and that is to see and spend time with my sister Joanne.  I don't want to talk about why, it's too hard to put into words and I am still wrapping my head around the fact that Joanne's days are limited.  It sounds cold to write it down like this so that is all I can say right now :(
I will be staying with Joanne and my sister in law Jane for the first 4 days, then I am getting a hotel room for the weekend.  I leave on the Monday following the weekend.  I wish I could stay much much longer but unfortunately that is not possible.  My hopes are that Joanne and I will spend quality time during the week, talking together like we used to when we were young.  I want to be there for her and just be a big sister.  It will be so hard on the both of us because it is very possible this will be the last time I see her.  Hopefully I can also talk her into staying with me the Saturday night with in the hotel too, I think she will enjoy that! 
My heart is breaking, I can barely manage to write about loosing my sister, Cancer is such a cruel cruel disease.

Kort and Ash will be saying with Amanda, Kort loves staying there, he is such a good boy,  I am not sure about Ash though as this will be his first time as an adult he has stayed with anyone.  Amanda works full time so he will need to be crated during that time, I hope he behaves himself!!  He can be a bit of a brat!  Lync will be with Judy again, he loves her like he loves me!

Anyway the next 2 weeks are going to drag by, hopefully Joanne stays healthy enough and doesn't have to be hospitalized again, I just cant wait to see her !! :)


Collie222 said...

My thoughts are with you.

Unknown said...

Thinking about you!!