Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today's "the" Day

Just sitting here thinking about Kort. He's at the vet clinic waiting to be neutered.
I'm worried for him, he's never been under anesthetic before & he carries the mutant/mutant gene in collies. That means they have to stay away from certain drugs to put him under, as well as some pain relievers too. For a collie with the mutant/mutant gene some of these drugs "could" be fatal.
I have a fantastic vet who has already called me twice this morning keeping me up to date on what she is doing. She has also been on line reading about collies & drugs etc. just to be sure.
Kort also showed elevated levels in some bloodwork involving his kidney's, but we will talk more about that later when he is safely at home & I know more. He is having his urine tested while under also.
To say I am not worried would be a lie, I'm terrified, I wish I didn't have to neuter him at all......but......this will be the best thing for Kort.
So please don't judge me if you don't agree, just support my decision & help me get through this day.


Diana said...

We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed that everything goes well. Diana

jurneecollie said...

Sounds like you have a good vet Jolene so I'm sure Kort is in good hands. Give him lots of hugs from us when he comes home and please keep us posted on the his other health conditions.

M & M

WigglyZack said...

Jo, you are doing the right thing. Sounds like you have a great vet who is familiar with the Collie issues. I will keep my fingers crossed for Kort and I am sure all will be well and he will be home very soon. Hang in there.

Squishy said...

I think you are brave and unselfish (or maybe selfish to have a more peaceful life) to neuter Kort. He'll be fine, but I know the feeling. He's out of your control and there are risks with any surgery on any breathing being. You have my permission to down a whole bottle of merlot! (After, of course Kort is settled and you are done worrying about him!) Tate will probably be happier too because he'll get to pack the only dog balls in the house!!! What a bonus!!!!