Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2X4 Videos....Again!

Ok, so here are the videos of our runs, with no music, stupid You Tube kept banning the music


Koping Weims said...

Nice runs...congrats again on a fantastic agility weekend.


Dianne SS said...

Oh that's what happened! I watched them Youtube as I had even registered previously, thinking that might help. I actually like them without music, because I can hear your commands, and that helps me to learn about agility!! Congratulations to you and Korty again!! What a great weekend!

Squishy said...

Nice job Kortie!! Too bad about the YouTube doo doo. I tried to download Squishy howling to Aretha's "Say a little prayer" song and happened to mention her & the song name.......ooooohhhhhhh nnnnnooooooo!!! So then I tried to redo it without mentioning artist & song name and it wouldn't go thru. Had to do another video from the start and wasn't as cute. Have you tried another "company"??

Collie222 said...

Those are great videos! Thanks for sharing!

I have a question....what template are you using for your blog? I am not happy with mine, as it puts the most recent post over the picture. Which makes it difficult to read. I like yours much better.