Thursday, May 17, 2012

Excited !

Tomorrow Kort , Tate & I are off to compete in an Agility trial in Balzac AB. Tate is not competing but is coming along for the ride.
This is the first time I have entered Kort in a whole trial!  I am excited, he had a great practice last night & I am feeling pretty good about our communication & uderstanding of each other.  It is not perfect but we are becoming more & more of a team.
He needs 1 Q in each Standard, Gamblers, & Jumpers to move into Advanced, & get his Agility Dog of Canada, & Starters Games Dog of Canada titles.

I have been much more careful warming Kort up & cooling him down after competing then I was before.  Kort had that weird pain last year, we think in his neck, that had him screaming!
One thing that I have done is to buy him a Back On Track jacket.  Most of our agility group has one for their dogs & they are awesome. Check out the link to read more.  The jacket basically helps to provide more circulation to inflammed areas as well as keeping the muscles warm before & after competeing, which helps prevent & heal injuries.
Kort fell asleep with a smile on his face last night shortly after I put it on him :)
Heres the picture to prove it!......



We hope you and Kort do well. Above all we hope you have fun.

Essex & Sherman

Dianne SS said...

I checked out the site last night, and I think I will get one for my knee!! And if it really helps, I'll get another one for the other knee! Good luck this weekend! Watch the long weekend crazies on the road!!

onecollie said...

I had forgotten it was a long weekend, ick!

Squishy said...

Kort looks VERY happy! I couldn't find the link...can you email it to me?
Will look later for how you guys did!