Tuesday, May 29, 2012

AAC Regionals

I am soooo excited for this weekend! Medicine Hat is hosting Alberta's AAC Agility Regionals & I'm volunteering both days . I get to be in the Jumpers ring & see all the action close up. I love volunteering, I get to watch & learn from all the amazing handlers.  It will be so awesome, a whole weekend of Agility but without the pressure , perfect!

I'm going to bring the boys & set up my tent for them , I will have lots of breaks to walk them & hang out with them, it will be just like a trial but they won't be competing:)

There will be all kinds of cool booths to shop in, as well as a couple of doggie chiropractors that I might take advantage of while I have the boys there.
Hopefully the rain will stay away but if it doesn't I have my rain suit all ready.

 Wendy  and Andy Hurly are the photographers for the event , I will be sharing a room with Wendy & will get to have sneak previews of all the cool pictures LOL!

Can't wait to cheer on my Agility group Go!Dog!Go!!!!!


Mandy said...

Fun times to come! See you there super volunteer buddy! =)

Dianne SS said...

Sounds like a great weekend for you and the boys!! I and the SWD gals are volunteering at the Oliver Community Festival on Saturday. It's a street festival and we have a table in the church hall. Have fun!!

onecollie said...

well aren't we all the best volunteers ever!!!

WigglyZack said...

Have lots of fun and at least you won't roast in 30 degree heat.

Squishy said...

That sounds like a fun weekend! No pressure!