Friday, September 21, 2012

Afternoon Visitor

I was lucky enough that I was able to look after Puffin today for a few hours! It gave me some idea of what having 3 big dogs in the house would be like, however Puffin was an angel & slept for most of the afternoon, so I'm not sure if she is a good indicator lol!
Kort was thrilled to have a dog that would romp around the yard with him, Tate will still play with Kort but he tires easily.
I only let them play for a couple of minutes, Kort is still nursing a sore front leg, but even the small amount of time made him soo happy .
I have to say it was so different to be patting a big head!  Compared to Collies Puffins is huge !

Here is a picture of Puffin & Kort sleeping on my bed, & one of Puffin by herself, I think we will definitely need to get a king size bed if we get a Flatcoat!!



Dianne SS said...

Looks like a Flat Coat will fit right in!! But of course there's the whole puppy phase to get through!!!

Collie222 said...

They are a nice dog breed, but my heart still belongs to collies! :)


Puffin is a beauty of a pup. However, Dog Dad will always be partial to collies.

Squishy said...

Puffin is adorable! I really like this breed also and think it will a great choice for a dog. A king size bed is ALWAYS in order!