Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reality Bites

I just finished grooming Tate, just a brush, but it took 2.5 hrs. 
To most Collie owners this is normal, to me it is normal as well, except for one thing, I hurt through the entire groom.  My back mostly, it spasms continually, it is excruciating.  It has gotten worse in the past year, I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia so I know that is the problem.  I have had a stiff neck for the last 3 weeks, well now it is just an achy neck, not so much stiff anymore, but it hurt through the whole groom as well.  We won't even talk about my hands & wrists from 30 plus years of professional grooming :) 
The reality hit me today, Kort may be my last Collie :(
I want a Flat-coated Retriever next, I had always thought I would have at least one more Collie , but now I'm not so sure.
I don't know if I can psychically keep up with the coat, I am looking at at least 5 years before I can have another Collie after I get my Flatcoat, I don't think my Fibromyalgia will be better , so I am sad, very very sad.  
I hope I am wrong, Collies are my love, I can't imagine not having another one.



Hmmm, would a smooth coat require less grooming?

Our pals at "Bark-A-Lot Lodge Shelties" Mom has fibromyalgial. They are in the land of tomorrow way out in New Zealand, but we know their Mom used to talk about it.

Essex & Sherman

onecollie said...

hi Key West!
I have thought about a smooth collie actually, you never know :)

WigglyZack said...

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain while grooming collies. It is hard to let a breed go and try another one. Cavaliers are my first love and always will be but I don't think I will ever get another cuz I emotionally couldn't handle the heartbreak of all the breed's health issues. The flat coats are beautiful and I am sure you will love them just as much as I love my little border terrier - which was a big change but well worth it. Enjoy Tate and Kort while you have them and a smooth collie might be another option :)

Squishy said...

You need to investigate how to help your fibromyalgial. Just sayin'..............
I also am in a lot of pain from grooming AND, having only ridden 2x's since Tevis, I went on a 14 mile ride 5 days ago and am still sore. Bad. But, my friend, who is older than me exercises every day to a particular DVD and she said she doesn't get sore like she used to and was hardly in pain after Tevis. She is smarter than me hahaha!! Now, I'm not saying you should get a smooth........I LOVE my roughs....And I will still visit if you have a Flatcoat.

onecollie said...

lol! Diana you will love the flatcoat !!!
I do stretches etc for my back daily, I do alot of reading on Fibro, diet also has alot to do with it, so I have been changing lots there as well, I'm just saying that these spasms are excruciating!! and brushing & bathing the boys is getting harder & harder for me :(

Koping Weims said...

Well you could pay a groomer to groom your next Collie...just saying : )
I think you way the pros and the cons of each breed you have.
Sorry to hear of your pain though. Here I was going to ask you about grooming GG for me sometime.


Koping Weims said...

haha that is weigh the pros and cons long day


Dianne SS said...

I have to agree with the suggestions that a smooth coat collie could be a good option. I know we love our roughs, but if it came down to having no collie or at least having a smooth--I'd go for that. And as you know I advocate other means to not only cope with fibromyalgia, but even get rid of it.

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