Monday, September 10, 2012

New Blog :)

So I finally decided to take Amanda's advice & start a blog on my dreams! I have always had crazy dreams, I dream in huge detail, sometimes complete stories in my dreams, I can wake up, go back to sleep, & continue with the same dream. I also have had many many dreams where I am either a young boy or a grown man.
One dream I can remember vividly, I was a young boy & was worried about going home as I was in trouble for something in school. I can still see the old wooden style screen door I had to open, & the wooden table I sat at , it was definately the *olden days*
You can find the new blog here if you are interested :)


Squishy said...

Oh I am SOOOO excited!!!! I dream like you do also!!! Very prolific dreamer!!

Dianne SS said...

Neat idea for a blog!!I have recurring dreams--I take that to mean either they are about things I am worried about, or they are about things that continue in my life. I love the historical dreams that I have had!!