Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Special Kind of Day :)

Today is a special day....
It would have been my Dad's 84th Birthday for one, I went to bed thinking about him last night. I miss him.
I had trouble sleeping, I eventually fell asleep but then woke up shortly after.  I looked at the clock, it was 3:33, hmmmm, my Dad popped into my head right away, #3, 3rd month, March, Dad's birthday,
I wished Dad a Happy Birthday then tried to fall asleep again.  Later, still awake, I looked at the clock again, 4:44, ok this was getting weird.
Anyway this post is not about numbers, but there will be one soon :)

Today is also my niece Adrienne's Birthday.  She is 17 today, wow! She is a very special girl, how I love her ♥
Adrienne is also special because she was born on my Dad's birthday, & on HER Dad's birthday!  Yup, both her grandfathers were born on March 19th , how cool is that!!


And of course I can't forget another important member in my life ....
Happy 7th Birthday to Perkins ! ♥


Squishy said...

Very cool!! Love these kinds of things....I have a few too with birthdays & numbers. Love Perkins. Omg.

Dianne SS said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad, to Adrienne, and to Perkins!! There are all kinds of numbers in my family too.


Lots of numbers. We know about missing paw-rents. Dad misses talking to both of his.