Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fuzzy Butts :)

It's getting harder for me to keep up with the neuter coats on Tate & Kort, I have fibromyalgia, & have also worked as a dog groomer for 30 years, my wrists , neck & back feel it now :)

To make it a little easier I trimmed down both boys bloomer hair, Tate is happier because now that he is older he doesn't like standing on the grooming table for hrs to be brushed out.  I have been leaving their hock hair long , just because I have trimmed some hair down, doesn't mean I don't like hair, I mean that's why I have Collies!

I think they look cute! ......

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Squishy said...

I groomed all my 4 bitches today and gave Soleil a bath. She has so much fur I'm kinda freaked out. AND she just came in season which means she will pack on more coat. Omg. I can't imagine her spayed and don't ever plan on doing it, unless there is a serious health issue. Usually don't fix my dogs as I think it's healthier and I hate the spay/neuter coats. You collies look adorable.