Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tate's Turn

16 weeks

Today was Tate's turn for a bath, I had bathed them at the beginning of June & it was time again.  I find neuter coats much worse to keep care of, the hair is thicker & fluffier so it mats much faster. Both of  their coats are different, Tate gets funny dry undercoat that sticks together, & Kort's is lovely but very thick.

Even though it's only been 2 months since their last baths the changes in Tate were scary. He couldn't stand through the bath, after struggling to keep himself up, I finally persuaded him to sit, then from there he laid down :(
First time ever he's done that.  I even tried to hold his butt up but he just kept pushing down.

He's 11, I know he's old, but I am not ready for him to be old.  I don't feel we have done enough & experienced enough things together, I got Kort 5 yrs ago thinking it would be company for Tate, keep him young you know, having a puppy to play with, but Tate didn't want anything to do with Kort, as a matter of fact he spent most of his time downstairs away from Kort, for like 2 years, not even kidding.

I'm going to start doing things more one on one with Tate , getting him out all alone, just me & him. I need Tate to know he is loved, that he wasn't replaced by a younger dog , I worry when Linc gets here, I wonder if he will feel pushed aside again, I couldn't bare it if he did :(

This month just sucks, can't wait for it to be over, maybe my favourite month of September will seem happier & I'll be less depressed about the state of my dogs, fingers crossed .

6 months

1st Birthday, Robin's Egg :)

At his first Agility Trial, 2 yrs old

1st Agility Leg!

So many memories & good times ♥

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