Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Introducing the Theme

One day old ♥

Liz has picked a theme for the litter & I LOVE it !

Mountains/Peaks in either Waterton or Glacier National parks.  Judy, ( Kona's mom ), & Liz thought it would be perfect as they had to drive through the parks to bring Boy up here from where he was visiting in Montana.  He actually lives in California & it was a stroke of luck he was this close when Kona was in season!  Also the grandfather of this litter is Begbie, he was named in honour of Mount Begbie!

I of course have scoured through & found my first 2 choices for names already :)

#1 choice is Citadel , isn't it perfect! It is masculine & I love it!
#2 choice is Kinnerly, I hope I don't have to pick a third, but I do like Blackiston & Vimy Ridge as well .

Man I am counting the days until I get to actually hold a puppy, for now I just stare at the pictures trying to believe that one of these beautiful babies will be mine!


Collie222 said...

They are so tiny! I miss puppies!

Dianne SS said...

So Lync/Link/Klink, etc. is no more?

Kim said...

Glacier Park has lots of cool mountain names like:
Brave Dog Mountain
Gunsight Mountain
Going-To-the-Sun Mountain
Lone Walker Mountain
Razor edge Mountain
Kintla Peak

You will have fun with this theme. Too bad Rundle Mountain wasn't in the Glacier peaks ;)

onecollie said...

oh yes Dianne his name is Lync, but his registered name will be Blazingstar Citadel

Dianne SS said...

Ahh, okay! I like Almost-a-Dog Mountain!! LOL!! Blazingstar Citadel is a great name--regal and majestic!!! ♥♥

Squishy said...

I love the photos. So beautiful! And good luck with his name.


Pawsome pups. Good luck with the last name.