Monday, September 23, 2013

Good News :)

Today Tate was supposed to have his ultrasound but my vet decided to not do one.  She reviewed all the bloodwork, xrays, & notes from the other 2 vets that saw Tate .  She examined him all over & found no pain except when she palpated his anal gland of the left side.  She said it had calcified.  She was wondering if it could have just been this.  She also wasn't concerned about the narrowing of his intestines, actually to me it sounded as if she didn't think they had ....hmmm.
We are not totally sure it was his glands, it still could be he has a tumor in his urinary tract , or a bladder infection, but for now he is on antibiotics & we will have him checked out again in about a week.

He also could have/had kidney stones , or, although extremely rare, a clot that broke loose & lodged in his spine.  It is still a mystery as to why he could not hold up his rear end.

Right now he is pretty much back to normal, he is hungry & eating well & no more sinking rear !  I hope that is was just an anal gland issue & the antibiotics will take care of it .

I am so relieved :)


Paws on the Run said...

Oh yay! That's fantastic news!!!

Jenny Glen said...

SO GLAD! I was worried about you guyz.

Squishy said...

It sounds like an FCE if it was a blood clot, which is what Kaia had, but once she got it she was down. Prior to it, I noticed she was shaking in her rear legs when I gave her a bath or brushed her on the grooming table. That started about a year before. I hope the antibiotics help and he stays healthy.

WigglyZack said...

SO relieved for you. Yay


That is pawtastic news.

Essex & Sherman

challenge coins said...

Wow, have to remember the chicken hearts! Right now I palm a treat and stuff Hawks pills in his mouth and he takes them right down.