Friday, September 20, 2013

Not the Best Day

Today is my birthday, Happy birthday to Me

Not the best birthday I've ever had.  I actually love my Birthday, but today I'm just not feeling it :(

Tate is sick, it started yesterday.  Things happen so quickly with old dogs, you really are never prepared.  He kept laying down on our walk yesterday morning, he wouldn't settle at home, I knew something was wrong so I called the vet.  They took xrays of his abdomen & found that he has Ileus, which is a narrowing of his intestines, it is always a secondary disease, a result of something else that is going on.  The xrays didn't show much else due to the high amounts of gas in his abdomen & intestines.  The gas is a result of the narrowing.  He will be going for an ultrasound on Monday with hopes that will show excatly what is going on.  He is in pain, alot of pain, so he is on Tramadol which is a narcotic & Metacam which is an anti inflammatory.

He had a recheck this morning & they were unable to do rectal on him due to pain & the fact there is something blocking the way.  It could be his prostate, it could be a mass, we just have to hope for answers from the ultrasound.

What I find the most worrisome is that he has gone from enjoying his walk, & running around chasing his ball, to not wanting to walk at all, & he is so weak in his rear end all of a sudden as well.  If he stands for any length of time his rear begins to sink,  I wonder if this is from the Tramadol? 
I know he is hurting & it hurts me so much to see it.

So if everyone that reads this could say a little prayer for my old guy I'd appreciate it , I want him around for a long time.


Tammy Taylor said...

Prayers heading your way all weekend.

Dianne SS said...

It always seems so sudden doesn't it, yet with dogs stuff can be going on and they seem okay until all at once.... I read that meds can cause the Ileus along with all kinds of other things like a blockage, mass, etc. I just pray and pray, that this is something that be fixed and he'll be okay. It would be pretty hard to feel happy on a birthday with this going on :( ((HUGS)) to you and Taters.

Dianne SS said...
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