Sunday, September 22, 2013


 Tate has his ultrasound tomorrow morning.....I am hoping for good news, that they see nothing abnormal & that this was just a weird one time occurrence.

Tate finally started to feel better late Friday night, his nose was wet where it had been bone dry, his rear end stopped sinking quite so much as well.

Today he has slept all day long, deep sleep, the kind where you can walk by him & he doesn't even move.  I hope as he sleeps his body is working at healing itself .


WigglyZack said...

Zack, Molly, Fat Cat and I have all paws and fingers crossed for tomorrow!!! Good Tate is feeling better so that's a good sign. Hang in there.


Looking forward to good news.

Essex & Sherman

Dianne SS said...

Fingers crossed and prayers said that today brings good news!

Squishy said...

Give him kisses for me.