Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting Closer

 I'm going out to see the puppies in a little while, it is getting harder as they are now getting closer to leaving for their new homes :(   They are 7 weeks old already!, they will be leaving in 2 weeks or so.  It is difficult, they are right here , now, one could be mine , but the universe had other plans for me .  I accept it, but I hate it just the same.  I want a puppy so bad it hurts, I've waited so long!  This is the first litter for Blazingstar in 3 years.

Some have wondered if perhaps my not getting a puppy from this litter means I truly don't want a Flatcoat deep down, that Collies are my love.  Yes, Collies are my first love, but Flatcoats are my second & that love is just as strong as my love for the Collie.

It is not just the fact that I realized Tate would not be around for a long time now, I hope he will be, but I need to be realistic, he is 11.5,  13 years is old for a Collie, really old.  There are more reasons that have made it impossible to have my puppy right now, reasons that are only mine to know, but I still hurt .  I am hoping that my situation will be different with the next breeding out at Blazingstar.  Puffin will be bred next year, so maybe, just maybe, the time will be right for us.  If it isn't I will wait.  I've made my decision,  Tate & Kort need to come first.

 Kort is done with all his competing in Agility & Obedience, but new doors have opened for us & we are going to concentrate on them.  There is a Nosework seminar on Sat. & we are in it, I am so excited!!! Kort will be great, he loves to scent.  This winter I will be getting out tracking again.  I am starting to feel excited about that.  It has taken a long time to get over the fact I can't do Agility & Obedience with him anymore, but slowly the excitement of tracking is creeping in.

 Funny isn't it, how dogs can turn your life upside down? , but I would never dream of not having them in my life ♥


Squishy said...

Sad face. Love the photos. I am excited you will be doing nose work and tracking. I can't wait to track and we can both post tragically long tracking videos.

WigglyZack said...

Your blogs are so well written. I identify with alot of them and understand all the ups and downs in life when having a dog and the decisions we make along the way and the joy and heartbreak depending on what is going on. I think that the people who care the most have more emotions attached especially to their dog's well being. A puppy will eventually come and it will be wonderful at that time!!!! Have fun with Kort and his "new" adventures.

Dianne SS said...

The puppies are so delightful!! I want to do nose work too--was going to this spring, then got too ill. Have fun!!

Newtons Mom said...

Oh my gosh - beautiful puppies! We've always been interested in Flat Coated Retrievers too. We've only seen them at dog shows, never got to "really" meet one in real life.