Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stunning Scenery

I love Alberta! Southern Alberta actually, we get the most amazing cloud formations due to the mountains & the wind traveling over them.
On our drive out to Cowley this morning Amanda took these pictures of the sky,
I never get tired of looking up :)

My antenna topper made me laugh, I think I need a new one !

Real looking cut outs with the amazing sky
More cool cut outs


Squishy said...

Ok ROAD TRIP!!! I love the vastness of these photos and also love these prairie lands. I sometimes get homesick while driving thru them, but also love how epic the land is, if that is a proper description. And the cloud formations and cut-outs and that you thought of me makes all this all the more better!! I will have to go back and see why you went, but something to do with Kort. I'm tired right now....been an eventful weekend.

onecollie said...

Diana!! how about Christmas hahaha!
Yes Alberta is gorgeous! I am from Northwestern Ontario & was always surrounded by trees, but as soon as I got to Alberta I felt at home, the wide open spaces are soothing to me, I love it! Plus we have lots of cows & horses & buffalo!!!

Squishy said...

Cows & horses & buffalo????????????? Bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have a hard time telling T I was going to Lethbridge for Xmas....but we would have so much fun. We'd walk the dogs and drink and I'd have to wear some of your Igloo clothes because I'm sure I have NOTHING remotely close to keeping warm from here and then we'd fart a lot. More bliss.

onecollie said...

we could shop for igloo clothes cuz mine would be too big ! yes buffalo & llhamas & pigs & sheep! and sometimes the air stinks soooo bad from all the pig poop!
& farting for fun hahahahaha!

Squishy said...



Those look like paintings. Don't get clouds like that in Florida.

Essex & Sherman

Dianne SS said...

You wouldn't come to Edmonton too, Diana??? Humff!! Up here in North Central Alberta, we have all those animals too, more trees and big wide rivers and fabulous sunsets and sunrises! I do love those cut outs--some very creative people there!