Friday, October 11, 2013

What We Know

So Joanne got the results from her bone scan, she does not have bone cancer !!, but she has a break in her pelvis!!!  They are guessing that because of the radiation she had, it made her bones brittle, at some point she must have banged into something & broke it! The poor girl , she's been in so much pain.  She has to see a specialist now to decide what to do, they may put a pin in it.

They also found 2 lumps, one in her chest, beside her aorta, & one in her back, these lumps have grown in size.  She is waiting for her PET scan to confirm if these are indeed cancer that has metastasized.  They can't remove the one in her chest as it is too close to her heart so she would have to go through radiation & chemo again :(

So that is all we know right now, keep the prayers coming !


Dianne SS said...

Thank goodness your sister doesn't have bone cancer. But that must be so painful for her to have a break in the pelvis--I hope they can relieve that problem and soon. Not so good about the 2 lumps :( Still praying that she will be okay.

onecollie said...

thank you Dianne

Squishy said...

Prayers said again for Joanne.

Diana said...

Maybe the The pet scan will turn ok too. Praying for good results.


Your sister is in our thoughts and prayers.

Sending her some healing collie vibes.

Essex & Sherman