Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ready for the National!

Tomorrow is the big day, first leg of my journey to the Canadian Flatcoat National in Kamloops BC.

I am very excited and I hope to finally meet the people I have been Facebook friends with but never met .  I will be driving half way tomorrow and staying overnight in Golden BC.  I think for myself, as well as the dogs, it was the best decision.  I might do the same thing on our return trip but will wait to see how I feel tomorrow, whether I think I could have actually made the trip in one day.  Besides I have never liked to be rushed, I want to enjoy myself, see some scenery as I have never traveled this way before!

Going to dog shows is what keeps me sane, having them to look forward to seems to keep my depression at bay. 
I am mostly packed, rearranged my van yet again, I have even packed some things already.  Today I need to go get a few snacks for the trip and the hotel room, cookies, liquorice, cheese, and coolers or wine of course !

I am grateful to have all 3 dogs to bring with me, I love having them around, Tate did so well at on our last trip that I am anticipating no trouble this time either.
Lync will get his bath & groom tonight .

I am bringing my computer with me this time so expect lots of posts and updates!


Squishy said...

Can I say how sad I am I am not meeting you in Africa??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Have a great trip and please post lots of cool photos.

onecollie said...

I know, it would have been AMAZING to have you there !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dianne SS said...

Have a safe trip and I hope all goes well!! Good luck at the show with Lync!!

onecollie said...

thanks Dianne!!!!