Friday, August 8, 2014

Spruce Meadows

Lync competing for Best of Breed on the first day, this judge was from Puerto Rico!
I haven't blogged in so long I don't even know where to start!!

I think first and foremost is the Spruce Meadows trip I made, I was gone for 5 days with all 3 dogs.  I had a wonderful benching spot and all the dogs were so well behaved it was awesome!!
This was mine and Lync's first time in the ring together, up until now I had either his breeder or a handler take him in. 

After setting up my tent on the Thursday I decided to stick around and enter the conformation Match that was being held.  I knew it would be a great opportunity for me to get a feel for Lync and he me, to see how he handled in the ring and if I could keep up with him.

He didn't disappoint me, he showed like a seasoned pro, I have not felt this way since I entered the show ring with Drake back in 1991, Drake walked into the ring for the first time, stood like a statue and showed his heart out.  I got that feeling again, the feeling of this one is going to be fun!!
We ended up taking 1st Place in the Sporting Group as well as Best Puppy!  Pretty Good for our first time in the ring.

The rest of the weekend was a dream, he won the points 3 out of the 4 days, Reserve on the day that he didn't get the points,  and Best of Winners on the last day.   He also went Best Puppy in Breed all 4 days.  The competition was great and I felt we held our own,  Liz said we got better each day.  I felt each day our confidence grew and Lync became more aware of what I was expecting of him.  The total points he got for the weekend was 5, so now Lync sits at 6, pretty good for only being in 2 shows I'd say!

Now we will look forward to showing in Kamloops at the end of August, we are in the All Breed as well as the Sweepstakes, and the Canadian Flatcoat National as well as their Sweepstakes.

Lync moving out in the Puppy Group on the 4th Day
 We have been out practicing for our WC but I am doubtful we will enter at the National, he still needs to pick up and carry a duck , we aren't quite there yet.  We have lots of time though!  I am in no rush.

Other then that Lync has 2 nights of Obedience classes a week,  he is doing fantastic!  We are outside for one of the classes which is great for teaching him to focus on me.

I also must comment on how well Tate did during our week in Calgary.  We stayed at a friends house and he was very comfortable, just found a spot to sleep and that's what he did, he ate his meals everyday and enjoyed wandering around Jan's huge yard,  it was wonderful to have him with me.  I know now he will be ok traveling to Kamloops as well.

My view on Jan's front porch each night, I would sit out on the swing and just enjoy the cool breeze, the dogs loved it too !
 Kort played Scenthurdle on the Saturday night in Calgary.  He was good for about 3 races then I could see him slowing down and his back toes were knocking the jumps.   In one of the last races of the night he ran out, took the first jump, stopped , turned and thought about coming back, being a Collie and wanting so bad to please me, he turned and finished the race.  Amanda and I knew he needed to be pulled right then so Bosley stepped in to finish while I took Kort back to his crate , put on his Back On Track jacket, and walked him around to cool him down.  I am very sad, I was hoping he could continue with Scenthurdle as he loves it so much, but I think he is telling me he is done, it is hard to believe that at 6 he is in so much pain :(
I think more xrays are in store for Kort as well as some bloodwork to test out his thyroid function,  but that's a whole other story and I have already written so much .

Kort catching some zzzzz's :)



Glad everything worked out so well. Keep training Lync and he'll do well.

Squishy said...

Kamloops, Africa.....I wished I could go. I love Lync. He's sooooooo handsome! Congratulations on all his wins/points and I'm glad Taters did well. And sorry about Kort but he probably is less upset about it than you are.