Sunday, August 30, 2015

Training Marks

This morning a bunch of us got together to work on some short marks with the dogs.   Andy brought along his start pistol as well to get them used to hearing it too, Lync has heard it before but not for a year.

Lync had a habit of just running out and not marking his bumper so we have been working on that.  Today he did fantastic , I was very pleased.
You will see he gets a bit distracted as his breeders were there, so in the beginning he thought it was all a game and not work, but then he got down to business soon after.

I just love this dog and am loving the field work as well!!

Here is a short video of him working today......

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Collie222 said...

I have met a couple flat coated retrievers, and I thought they were very sweet. Collies have my heart, but this is a breed I could see making great companions.