Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Long Day !!

Yesterday I drove up to Calgary to get all  Lync clearances done.  They are mandatory for any Flatcoated Retriever you are thinking of using for breeding.  Unlike the Collies, Flatcoats must have these done after the age of 2.  Well I got them done 1 day after he turned 2 , lol.  I just wanted to have them done and out of the way.

My reason for going to Calgary was I didn't want Lync to have to be sedated to get the xrays done. Also the clinic I went to, Southpointe Pet Hospital,  is very experienced in the taking of these xrays for OFA
Well Mr Lync had other plans, he decided he didn't want to be put on his back and because he is so strong they ended up having to have him sedated after all!  I hadn't planned on that which was dumb on my part, so I didn't have enough money with me.  I don't have a credit card and it is in between paydays so I was stuck. I ended up calling Liz, Lync's breeder,  and asking if she would allow me the use of her credit card to put the xrays on.  She very kindly allowed me to do so. I didn't want to have to drive back home and then come back another time, I was there and wanted them done. I was very embarrassed however by the situation :(

As I was sitting there I started to think how I would have called mom to help me out at a time such as  this.  Well that just made  me choke up and then the tears started to flow,  Once they start they just don't stop that easy.  I felt like a fool, sitting in the waiting room trying to stop crying :(
I ended up having to go to the rest room and get myself under control, geez I felt dumb!!

The xrays got done and the vet thought they looked good but wouldn't say a definite yes .....she just said we will have to wait to see what OFA says.  These xrays get sent to the states. OFA stands for Orthopedic Foundation For Animals, 3 different vets must looks at the xrays and agree for them to pass, this is serious business!! Lync also had his elbows xrayed, as well as his patellas (knees) checked.

In the morning we went to Care Center  to have his eye clearances done, these also have to be sent to the USA but just to get a number.  Once the Vet doing the exam says they are normal they are normal.  It is of course a Specialist that does the eyes.  Lync had to have a gonioscopy test done too.  There is a hereditary eye condition in Flatcoats and this test looks for that.  They had to put a plastic contact type thing on his eye then look behind his eye.  Lync passed this test as well, phew!
The eye exams were not without a problem however, the fellow at the desk put the drops in Lync's eyes and he wasn't supposed to until after the gonioscopy was done, ugh, so that meant waiting an extra hour for the drops to wear off a bit. Good thing I had the hip xrays booked for later in the afternoon!

Anyway I am glad this is all over with, now to sit tight until OFA sends me the results in the mail.


Kim said...

Collie breeders don't do hip or elbow evaluations on their dogs?

onecollie said...

nope they sure dont! they check eyes and such like MDR1, but not too much else, there are of course some kennels that do it but it is not a requirement before using a dog for breeding, this was all new to me!

Kim said...

I am surprised! I guess I just assume that most breeds require hips at a minimum.

Collie222 said...

I've been thinking of having OFA X-rays done on our collies hips, even though we have never had any issues in five might relieve the minds of future puppy owners.

margaret minetti said...

my Mischief turns 2 on the 1st, so excited, he is going to get eye test on 24th and hips and elbows the month after that. what did u get Lync for his bday? i bought Mischief a lime green wire crate for agility trials, his was too small so i got him the Large size, better late then never. hope to see u at agility trial in the states next year, would love to meet the beautiful Lync

onecollie said...

cOLLIE222,I totally support that , with all the dog sports we do with our dogs it is much better to be safe then sorry I think.

onecollie said...

Margaret, he got a gumby toy, he was very excited! Last year he got a waterproof collar, he wasn't as excited with that , lol

Dianne SS said...

Well that was quite the day for you and Lync!! I'm glad it all worked out but I'm sorry that you had some sadness and tears :( Here's hoping that the x-ray results are excellent!!

onecollie said...

thanks Dianne, I hate crying in public at my age, geez ! lol