Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dog Show Weekend

It's finally the weekend of the local dog show, I have gotten all 3 boys bathed and ready, my van is packed with all my dog show stuff and I'm pretty much ready to go! Tonight is a Rent A ring so I will take Ash in and run him around a bit, get him used the the show building, I will also walk him around a bit to get used to all the dogs and new sites. I should actually bring Kort and practice a sit stay but I want to put all my attention on Ash as he is the new guy.
I have Liz to show Lync on Saturday and in the breed on Sunday then I will show him in the group.  It takes alot of stress off me having her to show him , it gives me more time to work with Ash and groom him, and not have to rush into the Sporting ring to show Lync.  I hope Ash is a good boy and doesn't bark too much.
Set up starts at 2 pm so I will go a bit earlier to unload all my dog stuff, find my spot and set it up, Ash can stay in the van until I  do. Here is a picture of the boys all groomed up and ready!, so handsome :)

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Hope you had a fantastic time at the dog show and come home with ribbons.

Sherman & Gemini