Sunday, November 1, 2015


I finally did it! I went to church :)  I have been meaning to for quite some time now and just never managed to get there.  I picked the Southminster United Church, it is one of the oldest churches in Lethbridge,
Here it is back before we even had a paved road where it sits!
Here it is now .....
The Pastor is very young and came and introduced himself to me right away, his sermon was very uplifting and not all boring , I think I'll stick around awhile :)

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Dianne SS said...

I missed this post!! I'm glad that this is a good experience for you. I love the old churches and have always gone to them. As you know Dave and I were married in the original McDougall's United Church--built in 1871. It was the 1st building built outside the walls of Ft. Edmonton. I have always liked UC ministers' sermons. I think part of the reason that they are so good to listen to is that UC ministers have to go to university and get a Bachelor's degree, so they are exposed to more in the way of philosophies, literature, and history and can bring that to their sermons.