Monday, November 16, 2015

Dog Show

Making Ash look Handsome!

Waiting to enter the ring

Handsome Lync in the ring, taken by Amanda Labadie

Friday, Ash took the point in Breed and Lync showed well but wasnt looked at in the Group.
Saturday, Ash took Reserve, Lync was pulled for Group but ended just out of the ribbons in 5th place, Kort was shown in Veterans Obedience and came away with a 197/200 and a Highest Score in Class !! He was so happy to be in the ring again and he did so well for me!
Sunday, Ash took the point again so he is now up to 6 points.  Lync not only took the Breed but he took a 4th in Group as well!! sooooooooooooooo exciting! It was a very strong group so I was extra excited!

I over did things last week, bathing and drying each of the dogs, then grooming them and showing them on Friday, I could barely move come Saturday.  I asked my friend Pat Kopec to show Ash for me, and Lync's breeder came and showed Lync for me.  I am feeling somewhat better today but still have pressure in my chest from my old van accident injury, I'm going to ask for a MRI to see just what is going on and why I still have so much pain from a 2 year old injury.

In the Group Ring, taken by Amanda Labadie
Next show is in January, a Collie Specialty, I am just taking Ash up so that will be so much easier on me, Amanda will look after the other 2 boys.  Liz and I will share a room so it will be so much fun!  I hope to loose some weight by then and also get this chest figured out as well as managing my fibromyalgia better.

A happy Breeder and Owner !


Aleks W said...

Congrats! Your boys are so pretty, not too surprised Lync did so well in group! :)


Glad all went so well at the show. You sound tired but happy.

Dianne SS said...

It was a pretty good weekend for all the dogs!! Congratulations again!!You took on a lot to do, and that's hard on a person. Rest up and take it easy.