Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kort's Kimberley Video

Kort tried very hard but couldn't seem to pull it all together in any of the runs for a Q.
Next time :)


Dianne SS said...

Weaves? What weaves???? Oh, THOSE weaves!! :) I was going to say that he did a great job on contacts--until that little mishap on the teeter. Hope he didn't suffer any ill effects from that spill. Good effort though Kort!! His tail is getting bushier!!

Squishy said...

Boy, poor Kort! He was all off. The last teeter was intense. He looked like something else was on his mind and he just couldn't focus? He did try hard though. Do you know what was up with him? I agree with Dianne too....his tail is getting fluffier!! Hahaha!

onecollie said...

Kort has a mind of his own for sure, :), he just needs more practice & I need to become better at handling & giving him instructuion sooner!