Friday, September 9, 2011

Off to Kimberley!

Bright and early tomorrow morning I am leaving for Kimberly BC and an agility trial :)
This is a huge deal as I didn't think I would ever be in an agility trial with Tate, or for a long time with Kort.
I had Tate in a trial in May & he was sick , which I didn't know, the poor guy tried his best but just shut down in the ring. Many tests later we discovered he had an enlarged prostate surrounded by cysts, as well as an infected anal gland. He has since been neutered & has gained back most of the weight he had lost. I put him in a demo a few weeks back & he was fast fast & back to his old self, enjoying agility the same way he always has.
I don't care if he Q's, but just to be in the ring with him again will be awesome :) :)
As for Kort, he was suffering from the mystery pain that caused him to scream out in total panic, he was put on 4 weeks of rest, he wasn't able to do anything at all, even play, this meant we couldn't even train for our weaves. In AAC agility there are weaves even in the starters class, in CKC there are weaves in the Intermediate class, so he needed to know how to weave. He finally had his light bulb moment 2 days ago, he gets it, he can weave!!! I have started him learning 12 weaves as well. I am not sure he can do 12 weaves in a trial but that is ok, again it is not about the Q, but the fact that we are even in the ring is reward in itself :)


Dianne SS said...

Good luck and have fun with the boys! Are you taking Woody along too?

Squishy said...

I was going to ask the exact same thing as Dianne.

onecollie said...

Oh yes, Woody gets to come to :)

Dianne SS said...

Hooray!! He will have a good time I'm sure!! You rock Jolene!! ♥♥


Hope you won a couple ribbons.