Thursday, September 8, 2011


Woody had his photo shoot with Wendy last night. The pictures will go up on the Windy City Canine Rescue page in hopes someone out there will be interested in this wonderful boy :)
He is slowly becoming more himself, this morning he ran around the house with a milk carton that I had given Kort, much to Kort's displeasure :)
Except for the barking when he wants something, he is a very well behaved dog. He never gets up on the furniture & he walks perfectly on leash.
You can see in the following pictures that his previous "owner" cut off all of his tummy & rear end hair, will grow back but still.
I think he is pretty special :)


Squishy said...

What a beautiful collie. I just can't believe someone could let him go. It's so tragic, except to have someone who will commit to him til the end of his life. I'm sure you'll find a great home for him. You are so cool Jolene.

Chelsea B said...

What a pretty boy! I hope somebody special sees him and needs him as much as he needs them! I can't imagine any situation that would make me give up one of my fluffs :(.

Diana said...

He is beautiful!!