Monday, September 26, 2011

Medicine Hat Agility Trial

I had such a great time this weekend at the Flashing Canines Agility Trials in Medicine Hat. I love their trials, they are so fun!
The heat was almost unbearable, it was 35C both days, soooo hot. I even resorted to completely soaking down the boys with water so they could be comfortable, Tate enjoyed it, Kort not so much!
They were both so good, Tate out did his younger brother & Q'd in 3/5 trials. Kort Q'd in 2/6.
Kort blew one run by looking away & missing a jump, I was at fault with both Tate & Kort in a Jumpers run, with Kort I missed part of the course, & with Tate I pushed him too far resulting in him missing a jump.
Kort had some issues he's never had before, on 2 days he refused to lay down on the table, very strange for him, I "made" him do it the 2nd time, he was so mad :) He even jumped off the dogwalk one day.
Tate continues to amaze me & had the judges in stitches more then once with his puppy antics. I am enjoying trialing with him, he makes me so proud.
Kort is coming into his own & his weaves are awesome :), he also made me proud.
I would also like to add for those of you who have never done an AAC trial, it is so much more difficult then CKC!.... right off the bat in Starters you have 12 weaves, or 6 depending on the judge, this weekend it was all 12 :), in CKC their are no weaves in Beginners. The courses for Starters are equivalent to an Intermediate in CKC, with at least 2 side changes, & they are not all straight lines either. You are not allowed mistakes at any level as well, if your dog runs by a jump, even at the Starters level, it is considered a refusal & you get an NQ, you can however make a booboo at the weaves & still Q at the Starters level.
I enjoy it as it is much more challenging & makes you a better handler for sure :)
Here are some video highlights from the weekend ......




Dianne SS said...

I love how Kort jumped over the sign after the wind blew it over!!! LOL And the hat makes me giggle every time I watch!!! How do you remember where you are supposed to go??!! Some pretty tight turns there too!! Congratulations to you, Kort, and Tate for such a great weekend of Q's!!!

Squishy said...

They are so cute! Tate was bouncy bouncy bouncy!! Om gosh I LOVE him!!!!! He just seems like he feels so much better now and is making up for lost time. And how cute was Kort to retrieve the red number? What was that? Kort looks fluffier and fluffier!

onecollie said...

Dianne, you have a 10 min. walk through to memorize the course, I'm pretty good, but the day before I missed 3 obstacles causing Kort to NQ :(
Diana, that was the judges hat that blew off her head!!, that's why I had to run again:)